Primary Information – Aggregated Book Club


6 Apr – 20 May 2012

Primary Information present a library of books they have not yet read but wish to read soon in relation to their new Artists Writings publication series. Visitors are invited to read portions of the books and write down their impressions. They hope that by the end of the project viewers will read all of the books.

Formed in 2006 by Miriam Katzeff and James Hoff, the aim of Primary Information is to foster intergenerational dialogue through the publication of artists’ books and writings by artists—emerging, mid-career, and established. Their period of focus is from the early Sixties to the present, with an emphasis on the conceptual practice begun in the mid Sixties and the strategy of using publications as an extension of this practice.

The Primary Information program involves three distinct components: (1) the publication of lost or unpublished material still vital to contemporary discussions, (2) the publication of books by contemporary artists, and (3) the publication of editions that function as publications, though may take the shape of say a record or poster. 

One of the key ambitions of Primary Information is to reach audiences throughout the world, those to whom publications can reach but galleries and museums cannot.

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