Roy Ascott: The Inner Plant and Vegetal Reality


12 Oct 2013

Roy Ascott has spearheaded art-based research into the impact of digital and telecommunications networks on consciousness for over 50 years. He studied under Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton at King's College, University of Durham, before establishing the "Groundcourse" at Ealing School of Art, London, the first of a number of radical interventions into art education. 

Since he has served in various academic roles, including Dean of San Francisco Art Institute, California, Professor and Head of Communications Theory in the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and Principal of Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Adjunct Professor in Design|Media Arts at the University of California Los Angeles, founding President of the Planetary Collegium and the international research network based in Plymouth University and De Tao Master of Technoetics Arts at the De Tao Academy in Shanghai. 

Further info:

In 2011 SPACE presented The Syncretic Sense, a retrospective exhibition of Ascott's work.